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What We Do

How we rescue, revitalize, and care for mistreated donkeys at Peaceful Pastures.

What We Do:

Bid at Auctions

Attend auctions and bid against them to save the donkeys from the abusive and disease-ridden killpen environment. 

Rehab and Train

Provide full physical examinations and body condition evaluations of all donkeys received at the rescue.  Create individualized plans to meet their nutritional, medical and social needs.

Take them In

Accept any surrenders that need a safe place to land.

Provide Homes

Attempt to find loving homes for those who are adoptable and provide sanctuary to those who are not.

Monitor Kill Pens

Visit and monitor surrounding kill pens to save the most vulnerable donkeys (babies, pregnant females, elderly, and those undesirable for adoption).


Educate adopting families and the community to help families understand and care for their donkeys. 


Create an educated community by teaching the public about the slaughter industry to gain support for future legislation designed to end the suffering of donkeys.

At Peaceful Pastures, we give Donkeys a second life!


Join Us!

Help Us Save and Protect More Donkeys

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