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Peaceful Pastures Donkey Rescue's Adoption Rules and Regulations

Learn the adoption rules and regulations set forth by Peaceful Pastures Donkey Rescue. We prioritize the well-being of our rescued donkeys through our adoption guidelines.


Donkeys Thrive in Pairs

Donkeys are very social and bond tight to their friends and family. When they are separated from their best friend, they can be lonely, depressed and may develop behavioural problems.


NO Breeding

While there is nothing cuter than a baby donkey, breeding is the root of the problem. There are so many donkeys in need. We frequently have moms and babies for adoption together and newer rescue females that are likely to be pregnant. But we do not adopt out donkeys to breed. All males are castrated prior to adoption.


No Separation of Mom-Baby Pairs

Absolutely no babies under weaning age will be adopted out without the mother. Further, mom and baby pairs who are best friends after weaning will not be split up either. 


Donkeys Are NOT Livestock Guardians

Donkeys are not for guarding livestock. Donkeys will protect themselves against threats, but they do not inherently guard livestock. I can show you several donkeys surrendered here because they killed the animal they were purchased to protect. I can also show you a little donkey who lost his best friend to attacks by domestic dogs. There are cattle dog breeds that would be a better option for guardians.


Zero Tolerance for Rude

Please don’t be rude. We will be kind to you and do our best to help you find the perfect donkey for your family. We are a volunteer organization who all have jobs outside of caring for the nearly 300 donkeys on site. Phone reception is poor out in the country, so we cannot always answer you immediately. Know that you are important to us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 


Bonded Pairs Policy

I won't break bonded pairs. If 2 donkeys come here bonded or are inseparable here, they need to be adopted together. On occasion 2 donkeys come here together then separate and find new friends. In that case, they would need to be adopted with their new friends. Frequently, donkeys are social butterflies and they hang around with different friends at different times. These donkeys are best to add to homes who already have donkeys.

One more note on adoptions.


We do not keep cows, sheep, goats, outside cats, dogs, chickens, small children, or any other creatures with donkeys. It is impossible for me to know how the donkeys will respond to these animals. The reality is, that it is impossible to know how they would respond to your animals even if they were with them here. It is always a good idea to introduce any new animal slowly to other existing animals. Donkeys who are allowed to get used to other animals through a fence prior to being in the same area are less likely to think they are a threat. 

My interest is what's best for the donkeys. It is my intention that from the moment they land here, they experience only happiness and no more pain and suffering

Beth Hakala
Executive Director of Peaceful Pastures Donkey Rescue

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