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Your Donations Hard at Work: Stocking Up on Hay for Our Donkeys

At Peaceful Pastures Donkey Rescue, every donation makes a significant impact. Today, we want to share how your contributions are helping us ensure the well-being of our rescued donkeys by providing them with essential hay.

A Busy Day at the Rescue

What a busy day it has been! We received nearly 100 bales of hay today, and we have another shipment of almost 100 bales arriving tomorrow. We are doing our best to stock up and secure enough hay to last us for a while. This stockpile is crucial, especially when running a rescue of this size.

The Challenge of Securing Hay

Finding and paying for hay is one of the biggest challenges we face. Our annual expenditure on hay exceeds $100,000. Securing high-quality hay that meets the nutritional needs of our previously starved and abused donkeys is not always easy. These donkeys require specific nutrition to help them grow, gain weight, and recover from their past


The Importance of High-Quality Hay

Hay is the cornerstone of a donkey’s diet. It provides the necessary fiber and nutrients to support their digestion and overall health. For donkeys that have suffered neglect and malnourishment, quality hay is essential for their recovery and rehabilitation.

Grateful for Our Supporters

We are incredibly thankful for Ryan and Justus, who brought the hay and helped unload it, and to Jim, our dedicated hay supplier. We appreciate the semi driver who bravely navigated the tricky terrain to deliver the hay to our facility. It’s a team effort, and we couldn't do it without the support and hard work of these wonderful individuals.

A Heartfelt Thank You

Seeing the donkeys approve of the hay and begin to enjoy it is a truly rewarding feeling. It gives us peace of mind knowing we have stockpiled some of the best hay to support their health and growth. Your donations make this possible, and we are deeply grateful for your continued support.


Every bale of hay we secure is a testament to the generosity of our donors and the dedication of our team. Providing high-quality hay for our donkeys is a significant part of our mission, and it’s made possible by your kindness and support. Thank you for helping us ensure a better future for these deserving animals.

Your support is essential to our work. Together, we are making a difference in the lives of donkeys in need.

Thank you for being part of our journey at Peaceful Pastures Donkey Rescue. Your contributions are making a tangible difference, one bale of hay at a time.

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