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Donate to Peaceful Pastures Donkey Rescue

Your Donations will go to:

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Hay Supply

Hay is a vital component of our animals' diet, providing them with essential nutrients and sustenance. By contributing to our hay supply, you directly contribute to the health and nourishment of our animals.


Medical Care

Just like us, animals require regular medical attention to maintain their well-being. Your donations enable us to provide necessary vaccinations, routine check-ups, and medical treatments to ensure our animals are in optimal health.

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Proper hoof care is essential for the overall health and mobility of our animals. By supporting our farrier services, you help us maintain their hooves, ensuring they can move comfortably and without pain.


Improving Facility

We strive to continuously improve our facilities to provide the best possible environment for our animals. Your donations contribute to facility upgrades, such as building sturdy shelters, improving fencing, and creating comfortable resting areas. These enhancements enhance the safety, security, and overall quality of life for our residents.




Treats are an important part of their enrichment and training programs. These special treats help to reinforce positive behavior, provide mental stimulation, and create a bond between our caretakers and the animals.

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To ensure you receive a tax receipt for your generous donation, please provide us with your current mailing address.

Thank you for your donation!

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